Casa dolce Casa's Rules

The owners of B&B Casa dolce Casa, happy to accommodate you, inform the following rules of procedure. Gentiles, are invited guests of the B&B to want to follow the following rules of living together during their stay, in reciprocal respect and tolerance.

Since there is no reception service available at all hours of the day, please each guest to communicate by phone or mail one day before the scheduled time at the following times:
the CHECK – IN must be done between the hours of 16:00 and 20:00, there is no possibility to use before this time the entire structure.
The failure to give notice may cause long waitings of which we do not accept complaints or claims for reimbursement. If the customer wishes to check-in prior to such time, he can send an email or telephone Isabella one day before.
The CHECK – OUT must be strictly between the hours of 10:00 or max. and not later than 10:00 am.

If the stay was 1 or 2 overnight stays, payment will be due upon arrival.
From 3 or more overnight stays, payment will be made on the day before departure. In case of early departure, the full payment is not returned or refunded unless in the presence of other requests for overnight stay.

Upon arrival at the B & B should be handed over documents of identity (Passport, Identity Card) valid need for the records provided by law. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes breach of the provisions of the Criminal Code and authorizes us to demand the immediate abolition of the B & B. The data of our guests are treated in accordance with existing privacy laws.

The special keys on arrival and give yourselves to the balance of payment, are in the custody of the guests who will commit to keep them with care. In case of loss or demagnetization of the same will be imposed a penalty, fully charge the customer to change every lock (suites - door entrance) of max. € 270.00. Each room is equipped with a magnetic card (located near the thermostat) that allows the firing of individual electrical part (without refrigerator). Please solve if you leave the room. As the door is in common use, is forbidden to leave the key in the lock inside the lock to allow other guests and free access to us. Please do not slam the door but to accompany her.

If the client causes damage to the property or its contents, the customer will be liable for the damage and the cost will be charged to the customer at the time of departure. The customer expressly exempts the operator from any liability for any direct or indirect that may be caused by interruptions of service.

It must be observed more silence from 23:00 to 08:00 hours from 14:00 to 16:00. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The B & B is exempt from accidents. In any case, a behavior must be maintained that at no time of day and in no way harm the tranquility of others.

The reorganization of the rooms daily. Change towels are changed every two days. Rooms must be vacated by 12:30 hours to 14:00 for cleaning. If at this time the rooms are not free, cleaning postponed to the next day. Kindly arrange their belongings in order to allow such cleaning.

It is strictly forbidden to have parties, parties in the apartment (if you want to organize a party or similar talk to the manager-owner). It is strictly forbidden to bring other people in the room, the terrace in any area of the B & B without the authorization of the operator worth € 100.00 per extra night. The customer can not sublease or loan, in whole or in part, the room (suite) or the apartment, on pain of termination of the booking fee and additional fee of € 250.00.

Breakfast is self-managed and is held from 7:45 to 9:30 at our cozy patio, equipped with 4 tables, each customized by a ticket system that corresponds to the number of the room, coffee maker, kitchenette, refrigerator . At the end of breakfast guests are kindly requested to put the cups and dishes in the sink and get rid of your table. During other times of the day, we invite guests, to keep clean and tidy all environments, with particular emphasis on the corner kitchen, tables, crockery, as the common area.

It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, drugs and more to affect themselves and other customers, booking and cancellation after removal from the building. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in a suite. You can freely smoke in the gardens, using strictly the ashtrays present.

The use of the kitchen (common areas) must take place in a more civil as possible, so each client is asked to leave the area clean and tidy common.

You can not put anything of any kind in hallways or common areas. The B&B is not responsible for personal items left unattended.
N.B. is not responsible for lost stolen or damaged items left in the rooms of your property.

Pets are allowed with prior notice (in some periods will be required a daily cost).

It is strictly forbidden inside the B&B walk around wearing clothes that might offend the decency of others. In any case, the client is forbidden to act, and behave, which may cause inconvenience to other residents of the building.

It recommends the proper use of sanitation and civil, not throwing anything into the toilet (use the appropriate bins).

The customer declares that he has visited the room or the building and found it suitable for use agreed and - well - to take delivery of any effect with the keys, then consisting of the same custodian.
The customer agrees to return it in the same state in which it was received except for the wear and tear, otherwise damages.
The client agrees to comply with the provisions of the Rules of the building in which he declares to have read.
Deciding to stay at the B&B Casa dolce Casa also means accepting the totality of this Regulation, a copy of which is placed in every room. This regulation is effective immediately.